Packages Starting as Low as $99 Per Month


Great for seasonal homes or while you’re away. 

* Weekly, Bi-weekly or monthly inspection of interior and exterior of home and systems

* Safety checks on home

* HVAC check

* Correct and fix any problems

* Post-visit summary sent after each visit

Designed to help you or loved ones live independently.

* Daily, weekly or monthly visits

* Grocery shopping

* Running Errands

* Installing handicap accessibility into the home

* Checking the mail

* Taking care/coordinate of all your home, property management, and maintenance needs

* Bill Pay

For those who want to enjoy their investments without having to deal with everything that comes with property ownership.

* Weekly, Bi-weekly or monthly visits 

* Grocery shopping

* Pick up/Drop dry-cleaning and other services

* Pay Bills

* Coordinate various cleaning services

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*Pricing based on services selected

Checking the Temperature
Tray of Food
Bag of Groceries